Living Environment (Part D)

D.1.0   Residential Accommodation


PPT provides a living environment that is safe and free from social distractions, we monitor student behaviour in the accommodation and in the community. The accommodation is located on the airfield and meals are provided to ensure that a suitable diet is consumed.


Each Cadet has a private ensuite and air conditioned bedroom with a large study table. There are four single rooms in each accommodation block. Each block has a communal kitchen suitable for preparing light meals. This area is large enough to function as a lounge dinning room. A communal laundry and barbecue area is located within the accommodation. Cadets are responsible for cleaning their own accommodation.


Behaviour in the accommodation is monitored by PPT. Guests are not permitted to stay overnight and alcohol is not permitted in the residential or working area.


Just across the road from the accommodation the Coffs Harbour Aero Club maintains a recreational facility and bar. Cadets join the aero club and can enter as social members. PPT has made arrangements with the management of the aero club to monitor the behaviour of the cadets and report to PPT any anti-social behaviour; we are not experiencing any problems. Photographs of the accommodation complex are included.





D.2.0 Coffs Harbour Region and City


The city of Coffs Harbour is located within walking distance of the accommodation as are the beaches, sporting fields, and hospitals etc.


Coffs Harbour has a sub-tropical maritime climate.


The following internet sites display information about Coffs Harbour.


A simple search of “Coffs Harbour” on the internet will find many other sites with information about Coffs Harbour.