About Us


Professional Pilot Training specialises in the education, training and personal development for airline Cadets. We are totally dedicated to your personal training. Our staff are very experienced with Cadets whose culture uses English as a second language.

Professional Pilot Training believes that flying an aircraft is only part of the requirements of a modern airline pilot. The modern Cadet (future Captain) must be groomed to be a valuable airline employee and a capable Aircraft Commander, with excellent aeroplane Manipulative Skills that are supported by Confident Leadership through the application of excellent thinking and communication skills while under pressure in an airborne environment.

Professional Pilot Training observes that no human was born to fly an aeroplane; this is a modern profession and the skills must be learnt with modern concepts. A person can learn to be an unemployable pilot or they can learn to be a totally professional pilot; a large part of the difference is in the training; at Professional Pilot training we strive to be that difference in your career. If you build a strong foundation your career will flourish. Take the first steps now towards your exciting future in the exciting world of aviation.